Diablo Immortal Best Monk Build - Abilities, Legendary Items and Gems (2023)

Diablo Immortal Best Monk Build - Abilities, Legendary Items and Gems (1)

9. September 2022

The release of Diablo Immortal is finally here, Blizzard's new mobile Diablo game is coming to the Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store. If you've just downloaded the game and are wondering which class to play, we encourage you to read oursDiablo Immortal Best Class Tier Listbefore you continue

Assuming you've already dived into the game and pledged your allegiance to the monk class, you might be wonderingWhat is the best Monk build in Diablo Immortal?. With that in mind, we've put together this guide that attempts to answer that question with a particular focus on solo play. This means we're looking for the best build to farm the game's Bounties, Elder Rifts, Lairs, and Side Quests as a solo player.

If you're looking for the best Monk build for PvP, raids (Helliquary and Kion's Ordeal), or dungeons played in a group, you might want to check out another guide that better caters to those specific criteria. While it's possible for these builds to be similar, there will always be slight variations based on the activity you're playing (particularly PvP).

This building guide also assumes that you have played the game enough to get your character to level 60. By this point, you should be able to collect the associated abilities, legendary items, legendary gems, and set items without too much trouble.

September 9 Notice – Verified Page for Season 4.

What is the best Monk build in Diablo Immortal?

Despite being a mobile-first title, Diablo Immortal is still fairly robust in its approach as a loot-based game. As such, players still have many choices to make when building their character, including skills, gear, and gems to equip to make their character stronger in the face of untold hellish monsters.

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There are tons of different ways you can maximize the class's potential, but if you're playing aloneThe best Monk build in Diablo Immortal is the Exploding Palm Monk build.

Focusing on melee attacks like the Barbarian and Crusader, the Monk class uses a combination of attacks to group enemies and unleash powerful AoE (Area of ​​Effect) attacks.

This build is all about increasing your speed, pulling enemies together, and dealing big damage to groups. The build relies on moving around the map quickly and grouping enemies. you will useFists of Thunderteleport short distances to move quickly, along withSeven-Sided Striketo fall.Mystic StrikeandCyclone blowwill pull enemies together and also damage them in the processExploding palm treewill finish off any stragglers that remain.

Best skills for Monkin Diablo Immortal

Monks have 2 primary attacks to choose from. For the best Monk Exploding Palm build, we recommend the following:

• Thunderfists –Teleport to a nearby enemy and unleash a rapid succession of punches, each dealing damage. After every third hit you can teleport again.

(Ultimate Ability) Lightning Flow –Boost Thunderfists for 12 seconds, teleport to an enemy on each hit, and generate a thunderstorm each time you defeat an enemy. Thunderstorms deal damage and knock enemies back. You also gain a shield that absorbs damage equal to 20% of your maximum health for 3 seconds.

In addition to the primary attack, Monks have up to 12 skills to choose from and can equip up to 4 of them at a time. If you want to create the best Monk Exploding Palm build while playing solo, we recommend you pick these skills:

• Cyclone blow –Create a vortex of wind that attracts enemies and deals damage. Longer charging increases range and damage.

• Seven Sided Strike (unlocked at level 8) –Dash quickly between nearby enemies, striking 7 times and dealing damage each time. Additional hits on the same target only deal 50% normal damage.

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• Mystic Strike (unlocked at level 15) –Leap forward 4.5 meters, leaving behind a ghost that returns to you, pulling all enemies in its path towards you and dealing damage. Maximum 3 loads.

• Exploding Palm (unlocked at level 24) –You bleed for 5 seconds. Enemies that die while bleeding explode, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Enemies can only be hit by these explosions 5 times in 1 second and only take 30% of normal damage from explosion 2 onwards. Maximum 2 loads.

Best Legendary Items for Monk in Diablo Immortal

While you start out with common, magic, and rare items, eventually you'll want to switch your primary item slots to legendary items. These powerful pieces of gear not only have higher stats, but also provide legendary powers that you can use to enhance your existing skills. They can also be socketed with legendary gems.

When putting together the best Monk Exploding Palm build, we would go for these legendary items:

• Kopf -Paralyzing insight

• Shoulders -The Weight of Discipline

• Chest -whiff of incense

• Legs -path of the storm

• Main Hand Weapon –The Dragon's Outrage

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• Off-hand Weapon –The Eye of the Storm

Best set items for Monk in Diablo Immortal

You've equipped your legendary items, now we have to think about your secondary gear slots, and like in Diablo 3, we equip bestset items. These powerful pieces of armor are earned once you reach max character level and can be found in dungeons from the final boss.

If you've never played Diablo, set items work as follows. If you have 2 items of the same set, you will get a buff. This buff increases depending on whether you have 2, 4, or 6 items from the set in question. You can also mix and match with other sets if you like. Unlike Diablo 3, set items won't conflict with your legendary items, making it a little less complicated (thankfully). So you just need to focus on having the best set bonuses to improve your class build.

For the Best Monk Exploding Palm Build, ideally combine 4 parts from theIssatar penetratedset to, with 2 pieces from theWindloft Perfection-Set. The bonuses for both sets can be found in the table below:

Issatar Imbued Set

Windloft Perfection Set

2/6 premiumEach time you defeat an enemy, gain 30% increased movement speed for 2 seconds.Gain a Thousand Winds and increase your movement speed by 15%. Thousand Winds is deactivated for 3 seconds when you take damage.
4/6 BonusDamage dealt is increased by 2.5% for every 5% increase in your movement speed, up to a maximum damage increase of 25%.Increases your damage done by 20% while Thousand Winds is active.
6/6 BonusEach time you defeat an enemy you have a 10% chance to gain an orbiting orb of soul for 10 seconds that deals 263 damage when penetrating an enemy. Cannot gain a Soul Orb more than once every 40 seconds.Gain a shield that makes you immune to damage 5 times while Thousand Winds is active. Cannot gain this shield more than once every 40 seconds.

And below are the names of the items you can grab and where to get them. Remember you only need 4 pieces of theIssatar Imbued Setand 2 pieces from theWindloft Perfection Set.

Issatar Imbued Set
Issatar at restThe neckBreach of the Mad King
Issatar undoneRing 1Cave of Echoes
Issatar angryRing 2pit of fear
Issatar's open handhandsForgotten Tower
Issatar includedCutGrab von Fahir
Issatar the ThugFootThe end of destruction
Windloft Perfection Set
edge of wisdomThe neckForgotten Tower
FairfleetRing 1Breach of the Mad King
FoulfleetRing 2pit of fear
Flinging SteelhandsGrab von Fahir
whiplashCutThe end of destruction
Stump stirrerFootKikuras Rapids

Best Normal Gems for Monk in Diablo Immortal

We realize that acquiring these legendary gems may take some time (more on that in a minute). To cover our basics, here's a really quick guide to the best regular gems.

• Red Gems –Choose tourmaline over ruby ​​as a damage buff is better than a life buff.

• Blue Gems –Choose Sapphire over Aquamarine as an Armor Penetration buff is preferable to an Armor buff.

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• Yellow Gems –It doesn't matter since both potency and resistance are pretty much pointless stats. Simply select the highest tier Citrine or Topaz gemstone.

Best Legendary Gems for Monk in Diablo Immortal

Although the game has many regular gems (red, blue, and yellow) that you can slot into your gear, it's the game's legendary gems that provide your character with the best attribute bonuses and power increases. You can pocket a maximum of 6 and earn them in all sorts of ways, but mostly by completing Elder Rifts.

Legendary gems are also divided into different tiers. Legendary 1-star and 2-star gems are generally more common to acquire, while 5-star gems are much more difficult and offer great bonuses when slotted into your primary gear.

Below is a list of the best legendary starter gems (a mix of 1 and 2 stars) as well as the best straight gems to slot into your primary gear slots.

Starter Legendary GemsBest Legendary Gems
Eye of the Berserker

blessing of the worthy

Ewige Which

Blood-Soaked Jade

Fervent Catch

Stoneflesh shards

lightning coreFrozen heart

Power & Command

Ruf des Heulers

Seled's debuff

Sickernde Galle

That's all you need to know about the best Diablo Immortal Monk build for season 1. If you're looking for more Diablo Immortal guides, builds, and tips, check out the links below for a lot more help.

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Diablo Immortal 20

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What is the best legendary gems for Monk? ›

Best 5-Star Legendary Gems for Monks

Blood-Soaked Jade - One of, if not the best Legendary Gems. Chip of Stoned Flesh - Great crowd control affect, especially in PvP. Howler's Call - Deadly when it goes off in a confined space like a hallway. Seeping Bile - Another gem that is brutal in a crowded space.

What gems are best for Monk Diablo Immortal? ›

Best Diablo Immortal Monk PvP gems

Ca'arsen's Invigoration: Increases primary attack damage and speed. Fervent Fang: Increases the damage enemies take from you each time you hit them, stacking up to ten times. Pain of Subjugation: You deal 5.50% increased damage to enemies suffering loss of control.

What is the strongest monk build? ›

As noted previously, the best Monk build for Diablo 3 season 26 is the Legacy of Dreams Wave of Light build. If you're targeting the highest greater rift levels in the game, and also want something that's super-fast, you really can't go wrong as this is the strongest build in Season 27, period.

What are the most important ability scores for Monk? ›

Ability Scores

The Monk is the most MAD class in the game. While Dexterity is their primary ability score, they also need both Constitution and Wisdom to function. Fortunately, you have very little use for Strength, Intelligence, or Charisma, so it's easy to dump three scores.

What are the best skills for a Monk? ›

Monk ability scores

For the best monk, make Wisdom and Dexterity your highest attributes. Both raise a monk's AC. Dexterity helps your attack bonus and damage, but Wisdom stuns.

What is the most op Monk subclass? ›

1 The Way Of The Long Death Cuts Monsters' Lives Short

No other monk subclass is as powerful as the Way of the Long Death. This subclass is focused around harnessing the power of death, the initial ability of this subclass grants players temporary hit points each time an enemy dies within five feet of them.

What weapon is best for Monk? ›

Staying true to the adage that the Monk's best weapon is their own body, the Blood Fury Tattoo is a fitting Wondrous Item of choice. Due to its attunement to bloodthirst, a Monk may gain this through a brutal tournament, or perhaps while meeting with infamous magical mercenaries.

How do you maximize Monk damage? ›

Generally the only ways to increase your unarmed damage are to increase your monk level or increase your str/dex (whichever you choose to use) to increase your damage modifier. Monk unarmed damage is purposely restricted to balance it with other classes.

What is the most OP class in Diablo Immortal? ›

If you want to melt even the biggest baddies with huge damage numbers, then the Demon Hunter is the best Diablo Immortal class for you. However, if you would rather be in the thick of battle than lobbing projectiles from afar, then the Barbarian is the solo class in Diablo Immortal for you.

How do you make a 5 star Legendary Gem in Diablo Immortal? ›

Players that want to try to craft a 5-Star Legendary Gem will need 22 of these Runes, and they cost 18 Fading Embers each. Notably, that is a total of 396 Fading Embers, which means that it will take fans more than one week to earn the requisite amount.

Can you have 2 of the same Legendary Gem Diablo Immortal? ›

Diablo Immortal Legendary Gems explained

In Diablo Immortal, they also increase your Resonance, which can give your character even more power. You can slot up to six Legendary Gems in different pieces of equipment, but can't equip more than one of the same type.

What stats matter for Monk? ›

Getting a Better Understanding of Windwalker Monk Stats

Agility is your primary statistic. You should look for it in all of your upgrades. It provides you with Attack Power, which determines the damage your abilities do. Versatility increases all your damage and healing done, and decreases all damage taken.

Who is the most powerful Monk? ›

Shi Yan Ming
Shì Yánmíng 釋延明
NationalityChinese American
DenominationChan Buddhism
SchoolShaolin Temple
Lineage34th Generation Shaolin Warrior Monk
9 more rows

What race goes best with Monk? ›

In general Monks are so dependant on dexterity and wisdom that any race which provides these is typically better. Few skills require much else, so maxing these is typically the way to go. Wood Elf is likely one of the best common races.

Is charisma important for a Monk? ›

Charisma, intelligence, and strength are generally not useful to monks.

How do you max AC as a Monk? ›

Their are some options to make a monk get a high AC:
  1. Get High dex and Wis.
  2. Get magical items which increase AC.
  3. Ignore monks unarmored defense and give it armor plus a shield (although you should watch out for proficiency with the armor and the shield)
Mar 3, 2015

Is intelligence important for Monk? ›

Strength: Thanks to your Martial Arts, you can completely ignore Strength in most cases. If, however, you want to make a Grappling Monk, this will be your main stat. Intelligence – Monks are wise, not book smart. But really, intelligence does nothing for you.

Do monks use strength or Dexterity? ›

Because you are a monk you can use Dexterity instead of Strength when using your monk weapons. Ergo, you can use Dexterity instead of Strength when using the longsword. These attacks by default use the longsword's normal damage die (1d8 when used one-handed, 1d10 when used two-handed, due to the versatile property).

How do I make my Monk better? ›

3 Simple Monk Fixes
  1. Boost Hit Dice to d10s. This is a bit of no brainer (indeed, I've since seen it mentioned by various other folks as an obvious fix). ...
  2. Switch Saving Throw from Strength to Wisdom. Another no brainer. ...
  3. Make Patient Defense a Reaction Ability.
Aug 8, 2022

What should a Monk multiclass into? ›

The barbarian is one of the most popular candidates for a monk multiclass. The two classes have a combat focus, a tendency to fight unarmored, and some supernatural tricks. The barbarian's Rage gives bonus damage on every attack, and monks make a ton of attacks each round.

What's a good multiclass for Monk? ›

Monk Multiclass Recommendations by Subclass
  • Ascendant Dragon Monk Subclass (FToD)
  • Astral Self Monk Subclass (TCoE)
  • Drunken Master Monk Subclass (XGtE)
  • Four Elements Monk Subclass (PHB)
  • Kensei Monk Subclass (XGtE)
  • Long Death Monk Subclass (SCAG)
  • Mercy Monk Subclass (TCoE)
  • Open Hand Monk Subclass (PHB)
May 20, 2022

What is highest level of Monk called? ›

Great Schema (Greek: Megaloschemos, Church Slavonic: Skhimnik)—Monks whose abbot feels they have reached a high level of spiritual excellence reach the final stage, called the Great Schema.

How much damage can a monk do in one turn? ›

As a monk from lvl 5 onwards: 4 attacks (2 from Attack action + 2 from FoB bonus action) or 3 attacks (2 from Attack + 1 from Martial Arts free bonus action) without expending Ki points.

What is the weakness of the monk? ›

We know the strengths and weaknesses of monks. They are weak to melee attacks and strong against ranged attacks and spells. However, their only viable attack options are melee attacks!

Do monks add Dex to damage? ›

Yes. Whether as part of their normal bonus attack when unarmed or wielding a monk weapon or as part of a 'flurry of blows', monks apply their ability modifier (Strength or Dexterity) to their damage rolls.

Who is the highest Paragon level in Diablo Immortal? ›

Mastermind (Unlocks At Paragon Level 150)

The most recent Paragon Tree to be included in Diablo Immortal is the Mastermind Tree, which is by far the furthest unlockable for players.

What is the fastest way to get Legendaries in Diablo immortals? ›

Here are a few tips for Diablo Immortal legendary farming:
  1. Play with friends to kill mobs faster.
  2. Play on higher difficulties to fight more elite monsters and find more Legendary Gear.
  3. Try to complete bounties while legendary farming.
Aug 2, 2022

What is the strongest class in Diablo? ›

Diablo 3: The Best Solo Classes Ranked Worst To Best
  • 7 Witch Doctor.
  • 6 Barbarian.
  • 5 Demon Hunter.
  • 4 Crusader.
  • 3 Monk.
  • 2 Necromancer.
  • 1 Wizard.
Oct 27, 2022

What are the odds of getting a 5 star gem in Diablo Immortal? ›

This simulator is based on official in-game store data, the chance of getting a 5 star gem is 0.045% which is less than 1 in 2000 chance. This gives an average of over $5000 to get a 5 star gem.

Is echoing shade good for monk? ›

Echoing Shade is a powerful gem that increase your overall powers and giving you a chance of getting yourself a clone, a very good gems for melee class such as Barbarian, Crusader, and Monk.

Is it worth upgrading 1 star gems Diablo Immortal? ›

It may not seem worth it to upgrade a 1-Star Legendary Gem to Rank 10. It is, however, the cheapest way to get a Rank 10 Legendary Gem to gain Resonance and Awaken a Legendary gear item, so it can be worth it to earn that perk.

How do you farm Legendary Gems? ›

The best and most optimal way to farm for Legendary Gems in Diablo Immortal is by purchasing Eternal Legendary Crests in the cash shop using Eternal Orbs. Adventurers can use these Crests before heading into an Elder Rift for a guaranteed chance of receiving Legendary Gems.

How many times can you raid the vault Diablo Immortal? ›

Note that the Immortals will be temporarily invulnerable when they enter the Vault. Shadows can only raid the Vault twice a day, from 12pm – 2pm, and from 7pm – 9-pm. This way Immortals can be prepared to defend the Vault. There can only be 50 Raid the Vault events per day server-wide.

What is the best legendary for Brewmaster Monk? ›

Best Legendaries for a Brewmaster Monk
Raiding (with Brewmaster Monk 4-Piece)Stormstout's Last KegWaist, Hands, or Shoulders
Raiding (if missing Brewmaster Monk 4-Piece)Charred PassionsBack or Feet
Mythic+Stormstout's Last KegWaist, Hands, or Shoulders
TorghastFatal TouchWrists or Ring
1 more row
Oct 25, 2022

What is the most powerful Monk subclass? ›

1 The Way Of The Long Death Cuts Monsters' Lives Short

No other monk subclass is as powerful as the Way of the Long Death. This subclass is focused around harnessing the power of death, the initial ability of this subclass grants players temporary hit points each time an enemy dies within five feet of them.

What weapon should a Monk use? ›

For weapons, monks can either dual wield fist weapons, swords, maces, and axes or use a two-handed polearm or staff.

Can you make 291 legendary? ›

Legendary Changes in Patch 9.2. Legendary items can be upgraded to Rank 7, iLevel 291 in Patch 9.2. The upgrade process for this final rank requires a new Rank 7 Base Item and a new currency, Cosmic Flux. After completing Chapter 7 of the Zereth Mortis Campaign, players will be able to equip two Legendary items.

What is the best Horde race for Monk? ›

Best Horde Races for Windwalker Monk
  • Blood Elf.
  • Orc.
  • Undead.
Dec 11, 2022

What is the best legendary for holy priest? ›

Best Holy Priest Legendaries for Raiding

Bwonsamdi's Pact is the recommendation as it offers significant cooldown reduction towards Divine Hymn, and the soulbinds of the covenant and the mobility for the raid are incredibly strong.

What's the best class to multiclass with Monk? ›

The barbarian is one of the most popular candidates for a monk multiclass. The two classes have a combat focus, a tendency to fight unarmored, and some supernatural tricks. The barbarian's Rage gives bonus damage on every attack, and monks make a ton of attacks each round.

What is the best way to corrupt a Monk? ›

Once you're out of Spirit Emblems, switch to the Fistfuls of Ash, throwing them at the Corrupted Monk when it's near enough, landing a couple of Mortal Blade hits, and repeating.

What is a monks weakness? ›

We know the strengths and weaknesses of monks. They are weak to melee attacks and strong against ranged attacks and spells. However, their only viable attack options are melee attacks!

Can a Monk enchant his fists? ›

"A monk's unarmed strike is treated as both a manufactured weapon and a natural weapon for the purpose of spells and effects that enhance or improve either manufactured weapons or natural weapons." So can I by the rules get the fists enchanted? No, but you can get an amulet of mighty fists for near the same effect.


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