The 20 Best Digital Asset Management Tools (2023)

Digital-Asset-Management (DAM)plays an important role for digitizing companies today. Companies are producing more and more videos, sound recordings, photos and documents. As a company, how do you create order in this chaos of files? That's right, with a digital asset management (DAM) tool.

In this blog we explain20 Best Digital Asset Management Tools of 2021out of. Hopefully after reading this overview you can choose the DAM that is right for your business.

What is DAM software?

MetDAM-SoftwareYou can easily upload, store, organize, manage and share all your digital files from one central location. One benefit is that you can work with the files anytime, anywhere on any device, very handy if you travel a lot. Backups are created automatically and you can use your files safely. You can also give users specific rights and access based on their position, so you always have an overview of what is happening with the digital files. You canDAM-SoftwareAlso use it as a digital archive and to streamline and automate creative workflows. In short, a DAM tool can save you a lot of time and relieve you of tasks.

Different types of DAM tools

Before we start the overview, we want to explain that there are somedifferent types of DAM toolsAre. Think of a Brand Asset Management System, Library Asset Management System, Production Asset Management System or Digital Supply Chain Service.

We explain them briefly:

  • Brand Asset Management Systems:This platform focuses on marketing and sales materials like product images, logos and other marketing related materials.
  • Library Asset Management Systems:This platform focuses on storing and retrieving large media files.
  • Production Asset Management Systems:This platform focuses on storing, managing and editing media files.
  • Digital supply chain services:This platform aims to distribute content on other digital platforms.

The 20 Best Digital Asset Management Tools (1)

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Benefits of digital asset management software

With digital asset management software, you control what happens to the digital files, from creation to storage.
This type of software backs up your files and makes sure you don't lose anything. Digital asset management tools are easily accessible and help to brand your brand consistently since everyone has access to the content and everyone is working from the same files.

Here is an overview of the best tools:

1. Adobe Experience Manager-Assets

The 20 Best Digital Asset Management Tools (2)
Adobe's DAM, also known as Adobe Experience Manager Assets, is a great tool for managing all your content and digital files. It is a cloud solution and therefore fast and scalable. You can also easily make changes, so everything is always up to date. Build your own workflows for planning, design, review, approval, and publishing. With this tool you can keep track and manage and assign rights. You can also easily collaborate with other teams thanks to the Adobe Asset Link feature.

Preis:Upon request.

2. Fire Brochure

The 20 Best Digital Asset Management Tools (3)

Brandfolder is a popular all-round digital asset management tool used by big brands likeunder armor,LockerInsnap. As a user, you can upload, store, organize and share all your branded content from one central location. Your files are regularly backed up and backed up. This tool offers AI photo recognition, automatic tagging, custom fields and much more. Depending on the size of the company and your needs, you can opt for a tailor-made package.

Preis:On request via the website.

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3. Folder

The 20 Best Digital Asset Management Tools (4)

Bynder is a popular digital asset management tool used bySpotify,Kanon,Pumaand other well-known brands. You can automate creative workflows and link versions to them, add annotations and control the process from approval to use. You can also find templates in this tool to create your own marketing materials and this tool integrates with many other external software like Magento, Google Analytics, etc. The Android and iOS apps are certainly a plus.

Preis:On request via the website.

4. Hell

The 20 Best Digital Asset Management Tools (5)

Bright offers two different DAM tools, one for medium to large businesses and one for SMBs and startups. Bright is one of the few software that offers both web-based and on-premise software. This software is loaded with useful features like bulk upload and central storage and management of files. A notable feature is the advanced download, which allows you to edit files or choose different formats. You can also edit the quality or adjust the size. This allows you to download different types of files. With the built-in content management system, you can improve workflows and for those who are on a budget, this tool is certainly a good choice.

Preis:Different packages for Asset Bank: Essential: €493 per month, Professional: €779 per month, Enterprise: €1689 per month. Different packages for Dash: From: €33 per month, Growing: €259 per month, Dashing: €493 per month.  

5. Cloudy

The 20 Best Digital Asset Management Tools (6)

Cloudinary is a cloud-based DAM tool with clients likeMode,BuzzfeedInVirgoIt uses AI to automatically tag images by color, face, or object. This way you can easily find and use the right images. You can also create different roles in Cloudinary, so you can easily collaborate with your colleagues or even externals. In addition to storing, managing and sharing your digital files, you can also analyze your files and print reports on the results. And the great thing is that you can try this tool for free.

Preis:Free: $0, Plus: $999, Advanced: $249, Enterprise: Upon request.  

6. Libris Digital

The 20 Best Digital Asset Management Tools (7)

Libris Digital is actually a digital agency that also offers a DAM solution. This tool is known for its beautiful graphics. In this tool you can easily adjust the resolution of the image, change colors, change the file format and much more. Libris supports many different formats and you can share videos with other users without downloading the file. It's a great tool if you want to collect all your digital files in one place. Whether you want to edit the files online or via the computer, both are possible. The software is scalable and suitable for companies of all sizes.

Preis:On request via the website.

7. Image relay

The 20 Best Digital Asset Management Tools (8)

Image Relay is a digital asset management tool that not only lets you store, manage, and organize your files, but also lets you easily create profiles and groups so you can find everything easily. In these profiles, you store unique details, context, and usage of the files. This tool also has a feature to register different versions, so you can quickly find and use older versions. Ideal for startups, Image Relay offers affordable packages for smaller teams starting at $99 per month. G2 rated this tool as the easiest to use.

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Preis:Startup: $99, Professional: $750, Enterprise: Upon request.  

8. Expand

The 20 Best Digital Asset Management Tools (9)

Widen is enterprise DAM software and offers more than just a central storage for all your files. Easily distribute your content across your digital channels, use the extensive analytics and automate your marketing workflows. This software integrates with many other platforms, as well as social media, CMS, and marketing automation tools. Widen is based on AWS and is therefore also scalable and safe to use.

Preis:On request via the website.

9. Expanded portfolio

The 20 Best Digital Asset Management Tools (10)

Extensis Portfolio is DAM software for the modern user who likes a simple user interface. The Smart Automation feature ensures that your digital files are arranged automatically, you can add keywords, save metadata and define creative workflows. Portfolio also has a feature called Flexible Organization that allows you to create catalogs and folders. Not only is this tool easy to use, you can use it both on-premises and in the cloudAWS,Azurblauand more.

Preis:On request via the website.

10. Panopto

The 20 Best Digital Asset Management Tools (11)

Panopto is a leading DAM software specialist focused on enterprise video. Many companies and universities worldwide securely host and share their videos through this Youtube-like platform. Users can directly record and edit videos with this tool, even large-scale live streaming is possible. One of the coolest features is the search function. You can search for the right video for each spoken word or text that appeared on the screen.

Preis:On request via the website.

11. Demon

The 20 Best Digital Asset Management Tools (12)

Daminion is a clean and concise digital asset management tool. It supports many popular file types like JPG, PNG, etc. and vector files (AI, SVG, etc.). This tool also supports RAW files straight from your camera. It keeps all important information such as copyright and usage rights and automatically inserts them into the metadata. With Daminion you can easily import photos and use this tool with well-known software like e.gPhotoshopInInDesign. The biggest advantage is that this tool is very affordable for smaller teams.

Preis:On request via the website.

12. Aprimo Digital Asset Management

The 20 Best Digital Asset Management Tools (13)

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Aprimo DAM is scalable and suitable for all digital content from medium to large companies. With this software you can upload, save, manage and share files. This applies to all types of files, from photos and videos to text or sound files. It's now even easier to streamline creative processes and set up workflows. With analytics, you can gain new insights, learn how your content is performing, and measure the ROI of your content. This tool also works with premium packages.

Preis:On request via the website.

13. MerlinOne

The 20 Best Digital Asset Management Tools (14)

MerlinOne is a DAM tool used by large companies likeKomcastInSo. Users upload, manage, edit and send their content through their social media, CRM or other digital channels. With just a push of a button, your content is online everywhere. You can also build in approval or review moments to ensure you're only posting what's right. You can use MerlinOne on-premises, via the cloud, HIPAA, or as a SaaS solution.

Preis:On request via the website.

14. IntelligenceBank

The 20 Best Digital Asset Management Tools (15)

IntelligenceBank is a DAM software focused on content marketing. It has a nice user interface and dashboard where you as a user can see all the results. But the real benefit lies in the ability to work with both internal and external parties. This way you can really work together on creative content, add comments and determine user rights. This tool also has a search function and you can filter by tags. Set up email alerts to let you know when something new is added or changed.

Preis:On request via the website.

15. Cumulus

The 20 Best Digital Asset Management Tools (16)

Cumulus (a Canto product) is digital asset management software used by companies such asHondaAndWells FargoInNASA. You can use this tool on-premises or via the cloud. Cumulus is a comprehensive content management system that allows you to edit videos and images and convert them to the file type you want. With the Cumulus Portals feature, you can share company content with your team both inside and outside your company. The learning curve of this software is steep and that can be challenging for some users.

Preis:On request via the website.

16. ResourceSpace

The 20 Best Digital Asset Management Tools (17)

ResourceSpace is an open-source DAM platform that you can use both in the cloud and on-premises. Because it's an open-source platform, it's easy to set up and customize based on company size and your business goals. You can customize the UI and fully implement your house style in the platform. The Enterprise Single Sign-On feature ensures excellent security of the tool. With ResourceSpace, you can only take out annual subscriptions and pay per year. A plus is that you get 10GB of storage space and you can request a free trial period.

Preis:Cloud: Virtual: $3,990, Performance: $8,750, Enterprise: $15,750 (per year, cheaper plans with limited storage); Onsite: Support: $4690, Enterprise: $7910.

17. Workfront Library

The 20 Best Digital Asset Management Tools (18)

Workfront Library is cloud-based enterprise DAM software. This is where you store all your digital assets throughout the process from design to usage. This tool also offers content management and its own workspaces, so you can also work individually. You can also create special groups for the people you collaborate with internally and externally. You can automate workflows so all teams and departments follow the same approach. As you might expect, this comprehensive tool also comes at a price.

Preis:On request via the website.

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18. Amplifier

The 20 Best Digital Asset Management Tools (19)

Amplifi is an easy-to-use, cloud-based DAM software with an intuitive user interface. Just like Workfront Library, you can fully customize this tool to your own house style, including creating different portals. Amplifi is a tool that can also transfer media to other formats and uses AI to tag content. What is unique about this tool is that once a video is uploaded, it is immediately ready to stream, embed, share the link or use on-demand. You can easily publish, distribute and share any digital files via other apps that allow for automation.

Preis:On request via the website.


The 20 Best Digital Asset Management Tools (20) is one of the few DAM tools that can be integratedLockerInGoogle Drive. This tool has unlimited storage and is similar to your Google Drive. You can create your own links for your files, making it easy to sort and keep similar files together. Label your files by color or search for your files by keywords. has pre-made templates that you can customize to make publishing your content quick and easy. There are also interactive templates so you can easily collaborate with external parties. If you don't have a big budget, also has a special "pay what you use" solution.

Preis:Micro: $100, Small: $400, Medium: $700, Enterprise: Custom (per month, billed monthly).

20. Phrasenet

The 20 Best Digital Asset Management Tools (21)

Phraseanet is one of the few open source digital asset management tools that you can download and use for free. So there are no costs and configuration and scaling is also free. Phraseanet's French developer, Alchemy, offers maintenance and SaaS services to support it. If you're considering Phraseanet, it's good to know that you get a manual with your purchase and there's a community of users and experts to turn to.
Top. If you don't have a technical team in your company to install and maintain the software, this tool may not be the best choice.

Preis:Open source and free.

Choose the right DAM software and organize your digital files

Now that you know how digital asset management tools work, you also know how to work (together) with them even more efficiently. Make sure you don't lose anything and keep track of all your digital files with one of these tools, and thanks to these tools you can also store and use everything safely. Grow your brand by going out consistently and thanks to DAM software now available to everyone.

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