The 46 Best Christian Wedding Songs of All Time! (2023)

If you're planning a Christian wedding, chances are you've already chosen the church. In fact, you're probably already picturing the pews filled with elegantly dressed family and friends.

But have you decided what kind of music you want to play at your wedding? There are so many great worship songs that speak to your faith and add a fresh and contemporary feel to your special day!

To help you find inspiration, we've compiled a list of the most popular songs that are sure to fill your special day with faith, love, and worship.

The 46 Best Christian Wedding Songs of All Time! (1)

Christian wedding songs for every event

For a song to be called "Christian," it must reflect belief-based principles either through the lyrics or the general meaning of the song. Amazingly, there are songs by almostevery genre and style of musicchoose from!

We've divided our song list into eight categories to make it easier for you to choose your favourites:

  1. The Best Contemporary Christian Wedding Songs
  2. For the ceremony
  3. For the procession
  4. For the recession
  5. For the reception
  6. For the first dance
  7. For the mother-son dance
  8. For the father-daughter dance

Let's dive in!

The Best Contemporary Christian Wedding Songs

All wedding songs are beautiful. However, if you want to add some rock, hip-hop and even rap tracks, take a look at the playlist below...

"Not kissed yet"

This sweet-sounding pop song is a must-have for your wedding. It is performed by contemporary singer, songwriter and composer MORIAH.

"It doesn't work with you"

Performed by a six piece band called I Am They, this is a song that is sure to get everyone dancing. We also like the faith-based lyrics that promise a bright future filled with love and hope.

"Praying for You"

"Praying for You" is performed by contemporary gospel artist Mandisa. Its gentle chords and charming lyrics are everything you could want in a Christian wedding song.

"Thank god I have them"

"Thank God I Got Her," performed by contemporary Christian pop singer Jonny Diaz, was charted as one of the top 5 hits on the iTunes Christian chart. It even earned him a performance awardASCAPChristian Music Awards in 2017.

"When God Created You"

"When God Made You" is a beautiful love song with a soft and delicate beat. It is performed by contemporary Christian music group NewSong, known for their timeless music and lyrics that touch hearts and stir memories.

For the ceremony

A wedding ceremony is always special and heartwarming, no matter what the music is. Still, filling the church with these Christian songs will show the oneness you share with your partner and with God.

"A Perfect Plan"

(Video) Best Christian Wedding Songs - With All My Heart by Lifebreakthrough

Kriss Tee Hang's soothing voice resonates throughout this song. Both the romantic melodies and the spiritual lyrics will make your heart sing with joy.


This tender, moving song by JJ Heller is a choice for ceremonial songs. The music is great and the lyrics promise a bright future full of love for each other.

"God gave you to me"

"God Gave Me You" is one of Dave Barnes' finest contemporary love songs. Its faith-based lyrics make it ideal for a Christian wedding.

"Sleep Without You"

Performed by Brett Young, this is a soulful, contemporary song that will have everyone in their seats. From the lyrics to the music, "Sleep Without You" has all the elements of a great Christian wedding song.

"The Day Before You"

Written byMatthew West, a contemporary musician/singer-songwriter, this is an absolute favorite. West wrote this song for his own wedding, which explains why it's such a perfect wedding song!

"If you're with me"

Christian pop-rock band The Afters are masters at creating masterpieces. "When You're With Me" is both a spiritual and romantic tune that your guests will love hearing during the ceremony.

For the procession

In a wedding procession, a group of people walk down the aisle in front of the bride. It typically includes:

  • mother of the bride
  • The groom
  • Best man
  • groomsmen
  • The bridesmaids
  • maid of honour
  • flower girl
  • ring bearer
  • The bride and her father

Here are our top moving songs:

"Forever and ever"

Walk through the church to this gentle Christian song. Performed by Lifebreakthrough, it has a mix of gospel, country and a bit of folk music.

"The love of my life"

"Love of My Life" is performed by multi-talented Michael W. Smith. It's a gentle ballad that every newlyweds should have on their wedding soundtrack.

"love song"

The title pretty much gives it away. We only add that One Sonic Society's "Love Song" is full of loving lyrics that will melt your heart.

"Love Will Be Our Home"

Sandi Patty is a Christian singer well known for her wide vocal range. "Love Will Be Our Home" is a popular track at many Christian weddings.

"Something nice"

Performed by a soulful singer/songwriter, Tom Halperin, this song will break your heart. You probably know Halperin from season 10 ofamerican idolwhere he was a top 24 contestant.

(Video) Best Praise and Worship Songs 2022 - Best Christian Gospel Songs Of All Time - Praise & Worship

"If I say I do"

Again Matthew West graces us with his melodious voice and eloquent lyrics. "When I Say I Do" was released in 2010 and is considered one of the best love songs for a faith-filled Christian wedding.

For the recession

Once you've been declared husband and wife, all you can do is dance your way to the reception. Here are some amazing recession songs to choose from.

"God gave you to me"

Performed by the singer and pastor,Daron Bauer, this song is a symbol of eternal faith and love. It has become a classic at Christian-inspired weddings.

"I choose you"

"I Choose You", performed by Andy Grammer, is a neo-soul song. It has a beautiful beat and warm, tender lyrics that reflect the deep love you share as a couple.

"Meant to be"

"Meant to Be" is another great song by Christian folk singer JJ Heller. It's a thoughtful piece, written with love and performed with a lot of heart.

"Perfect Love"

Lincoln Brewster's "Perfect Love" needs no explanation; the title says it all. It's a recession idea, but the romantic lyrics make it the perfect song for any part of the wedding.


Written and performed by singer/songwriter Andrew Ripp, "Roses" is contemporary with a deep feel. It also has a touch of pop which is why it works perfectly for the recession.

"The Marriage Prayer"

The Marriage Prayer is like an elegantly set sermon. Performed by talented Christian artist John Waller, it has a soft, serious tone with a refreshing melody and sentimental lyrics.

For the reception

At the wedding party, you cut the cake, hit the dance floor, and mingle with the guests. It's also an excuse to play some more great music!

"Forever, Amen"

The legendary Randy Travis performsthis songwith so much warmth and depth. It's a great choice for all those hopeless romantics out there.

"Here Tonight"

Brett Young is a popular Christian pop singer. His hit single "Here Tonight" stayed at the top of the chartsBillboard country chartsfor two weeks at a time. It's not surprising when you listen to the lyrics and dance to the beat.

"This is the day"

"This is the Day" contains elements of funk, hip hop and jazz. Performed by Mamas Gun, it is a fun, upbeat alternative to traditional Christian wedding songs.

"This is our time"

This song is sung by former worship pastor Lara Martin. Your guests will be moved by Martin's deep, operatic voice when they enjoy listening to "This Is Our Time."

(Video) Elvis Presley - Where No One Stands Alone (Official Music Video)

"Till I Found You"

This track, performed by contemporary musician, singer/songwriter Phil Wickham, is all about the magnitude of the love you share with your significant other.

"Waited for you"

"Waited for You" is one of Private Drive's most acclaimed love songs. The lyrics combined with the pleasant beat make it a classic for the reception.

For the first dance

No wedding without the newlywed couple's oh-so-romantic first dance.

"Hold to me"

Lauren Daigle's heartwarming voice reverberates through this slow-paced number. As you can tell from the title, it's all about promising each other commitment, loyalty and unconditional love.

"Girl of My Dreams"

Brandon Heath's Girl of My Dreams is all about the quirks of married life. However, Heath combines a bit of charm and humor to make this song a must-have at your wedding.

"I found love"

"I Found Love" is one of CeCe Winans' most popular tracks. As the most awarded and best-selling gospel artist of all time, Winans has a long list of inspirational songs.

"In case you didn't know"

Another sweet Brett Young song, "In Case You Didn't Know" is packed with warm, tender lyrics that will get any heart pumping. This is one of our favorites and we're sure your guests will think the same!

"No matter where you are"

Performed by married duo Michael and Carissa, this is an emotional Christian love song that seems just right for the first dance. It's optimistic, yet faith-based and spiritual, making it perfect for your wedding.

"Two Become One"

Jonathan and Emily Martin's "Two Becoming One" is a sweet, mellow tune perfect for a first dance. His touching lyrics become something very special thanks to the rocking rhythm of the song.

For the mother-son dance

What better way for the groom to show his appreciation than by dedicating one or two of the following songs to his mother?

"mother love"

This slow-paced tune by Mark Masri is about appreciating all the little things moms have done over the years. What better way for the groom to enjoy a special moment with the other remarkable lady in his life!


(Video) Christian Inspirational Wedding Songs Playlist - Lyric Video

The Casting Crowns released this beautiful song in 2011. As far as mother/son songs go, this is a winner in our book!

"Good to know"

You can't find a better song for a mother-son dance than this one by Zach Williams. This slow country number is about the fact that you can always count on a mother's love no matter what.

"Who is like you?"

This inspirational song by Paul Oakley is packed with moving lyrics and faith-based undertones. Plus, the soft, swaying music is perfect for enjoying a special mother-son dance.

"You say"

This is another beautiful piece by Lauren Daigle. "You Say" is a nice change from the traditional romantic tunes played at weddings.

For the father-daughter dance

Just as the groom and his mother have a special bond, so a father and his newlywed daughter have a special bond. We wanted that unbreakable connection to shine through our song choices.

"Difference Maker"

Another great song by NEEDTOBREATHE, "Difference Maker" is fun and upbeat. The bride and her father will have a great time dancing to this song!

"One Hundred Years"

Francesca Battistelli encapsulates all the hopes and dreams that fathers have for their daughters in this sweet song. Hundred More Years is packed with lyrics that will warm your heart and bring tears to your eyes.

"love letter"

JJ Heller gives us another wonderful song. Its smooth and soothing melody makes it a great choice for father/daughter dance.

"Love Never Fails"

"Love Never Fails" feels real and special. This play, performed by Brandon Heath, is about the power of love, especially that between a father and his little girl.

"Through My Father's Eyes"

This song, performed by Brianna Hayes, is the fitting backdrop for a father watching his young daughter's wedding day. His warm, sincere lyrics describe the special bond between a father and his daughter.

"You are my little girl"

"You're my little girl." It is performed by Minnesota acappella group Go Fish, made up of three best friends. This is a sweet, heartfelt track that everyone will love.


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